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[Funding News] Aptatek BioSciences Secures Undisclosed Funding

NJ-based Aptatek BioSciences, developing cutting edge technologies for portable disease management devices has secured undisclosed funding from Canterbury Scientific, LDT, and the National PKU Alliance (NPKUA).

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The funding will be based on the successful initial clinical evaluation of the first product from Aptatek to complete clinical studies for its in-home, ground-breaking monitoring platform for phenylketonuria, a rare, chronic, and inherited disorder. Because of the inability of the body to break down the amino acid phenylalanine, dangerous levels can occur if one does not take great care in the management of the condition through diet and medicine—much like diabetes.

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“The continued support of Canterbury Scientific and the NPKUA is critical for the successful development of our first DNA aptamer-based application in chronic disease,” said Aptatek CEO Dr. Michael Boyce-Jacino. “We are delighted to have their endorsement of our technology and the benefit of their counsel as we continue to grow.”

Clive Seymour, CEO of Canterbury Scientific, a leading global OEM supplier of IVD controls, stated, “the Aptatek team is at the leading edge of chronic disease management. The work they have done so far has great promise for those dealing with this rare disorder. We are excited to continue our investment and give them the guidance they need to be successful.”

About Aptatek BioSciences

Aptatek BioSciences, Inc., is developing game-changing home monitoring tools for chronic disease patients and medication management. The Aptatek system combines its proprietary aptamer assay approach with a handheld, smartphone-based test platform. The company has already received Breakthrough Device designation by the FDA, for its first product – a phenylketonuria (PKU) monitoring test.

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