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[Funding alert] CA-based BurnBot Secures $20Million in Series A Round Funding

BurnBot that offers automated vegetation control and fuel treatment solutions, secures $20 million in financing in order to extend these services and stop devastating wildfires.

BurnBot that offers automated vegetation control and fuel treatment solutions, secures $20 million in financing in order to extend these services and stop devastating wildfires.

In addition to Toyota Ventures, AmFam Ventures, Convective Capital, Blue Forest Asset Management, Skip Capital, Overture Ventures, Lowercarbon Capital, and Pathbreaker Ventures, ReGen Ventures led the round.

Prescribed burns, scalable fuel treatment for brush clearing, and forest regeneration are necessary to avert enormous devastation caused by wildfires, as their frequency and intensity rise.

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BurnBot, a group of scientists, engineers, forestry experts, and wildland firefighters, is tackling these issues with its suite of technologies that increase workforce capability to carry out safe, effective, and environmentally friendly fuels treatment procedures, ranging from mastication to prescribed fire.

Anukool Lakhina, Co-Founder and CEO of BurnBot said, “We know that to prevent destructive wildfires, we need to reduce ignitions around critical infrastructure, we need to fortify homes and communities with fuel breaks, and we need to restore our forests, grasslands, and watersheds with beneficial fire. BurnBot exists to amplify efforts across all these areas, We are delighted to have the commitment from this investor group, which will allow us to scale our manufacturing and field operations, advancing towards a future that is resilient against destructive wildfires.”

Using beneficial fires in a methodical manner is essential to maintaining a healthy ecosystem and lowering the likelihood of destructive wildfires. Today’s prescribed burn procedure, however, requires a lot of labour, is dependent on the weather and the season, and, while unusual, can result in escape fires.

Waleed “Lee” Haddad, Co-Founder and CTO of BurnBot said, “Our technology is a force multiplier, enabling small crews to treat areas 10X faster and more efficiently. We know that fire is an effective and ecological way to manage fuel buildup and we designed the RX to operate with minimal smoke and escape risk, so it’s safe for use year-round, even near communities and critical infrastructure. This investment will allow us to expand our technology development and operations, and we’re excited to make a positive impact,”.

Jared Childress said, “With the RX, we were able to quickly establish unit segments and boundaries, simplifying the most labor-intensive part of our operations and freeing up personnel to complete a safe, broadcast burn on time. We literally could not have done this treatment without BurnBot, burn boss and program manager for the Central Coast Prescribed Burn Association who leveraged BurnBot to complete a prescribed burn with CAL FIRE in August which is traditionally one of the most difficult months to implement prescribed fire due to hot and dry conditions.

Dan Fitzgerald, Managing Director of ReGen Ventures said, “BurnBot has invented, designed, and launched the world’s first robot for scaling ‘good fire, At ReGen Ventures, our thesis is to invest in category creators that leverage a convergence of technologies to create planetary-scale solutions to planetary-scale problems. BurnBot’s fully integrated prescribed fire solution, utilizing remote precision technology to regenerate land, prevent catastrophic wildfires, and protect lives, property, and the planet does just that. We are delighted to partner with Anukool and Lee to scale BurnBot across the U.S. and globally.”

Chris Anthony, former Chief Deputy Director of CAL FIRE said, “This investment in BurnBot is a catalyst that will deploy new technologies to boost workforce capacity and significantly advance California’s aim to treat 1 million acres annually and the US Forest Service’s goal of treating 50 million acres over the coming decade, meaningfully reducing wildfire risk while protecting lives, communities and critical watersheds,”.

About BurnBot

BurnBot develops and manages cutting-edge technologies such as aerial ignition drones, remote-operated masticators, and mechanised prescribed fire systems. These technologies enable solutions that accelerate the treatment of fuels, lower the number of ignitions near vital infrastructure, protect homes and communities from destructive wildfires, and restore habitats.

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