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[Funding News] MN-based Claros Technologies Secures $22Million in New Funding

Claros Technologies, the leader in PFAS analytical and destruction technologies, secures $22million in new funding co-led by Ecosystem Integrity Fund and American Century Investments.

Claros Technologies, the leader in PFAS analytical and destruction technologies, secures $22million in new funding co-led by Ecosystem Integrity Fund and American Century Investments.

This financing will allow Claros Technologies to continue scaling the research, development and market penetration of its UV-photochemical PFAS destruction technologies, its durable anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-odor and broad spectrum UVA and UVB bio-based functional materials technologies and its ISO/IEC 17025:2017 analytical laboratory.

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Additional investors include Capita3, Children’s Minnesota, Kureha America Inc., Open Door Foundation, F. R. Bigelow Foundation, other corporate investors, several individual investors alongside incumbent investors Groundswell Ventures and the University of Minnesota.

Michelle Bellanca, ClarosTech™ CEO and co-founder said, “Our commitment to PFAS destruction is not just about environmental responsibility, but also about sustainability. By developing and commercializing cutting-edge solutions to PFAS pollution, we’re positioning ourselves at the forefront of a growing market. As the demand for sustainable, scalable, cost competitive chemistries and industrial processes increases, we believe our technologies can be part of ensuring long-term success for our customers, partners and the planet. This $22M over-subscribed fundraise is a testament to the trust and commitment from a syndicate of investors that believe in Claros’ technology, commercialization strategy and vision for a cleaner and safer world. With this support, Claros is poised to revolutionize the landscape of PFAS destruction and safeguard our environment for generations to come.”

Sasha Brown, Partner at Ecosystem Integrity said, “PFAS chemicals represent a monumental and increasingly urgent societal challenge. They are ubiquitous in manufactured products, have serious environmental and human health impacts and are persistent in the environment. Industrial producers are finally being held accountable for this pollution: settlements from PFAS litigation in the US are approaching $20 billion; the US EPA has begun regulating PFAS in drinking water; and CERCLA has designated PFAS chemicals as hazardous waste, We are proud to partner with Claros, which provides the most efficacious and cost-effective method of eliminating PFAS and analyzing the contents of effluent for industrial customers. Claros’ analytical, modeling and destruction capabilities are essential tools to tackle the critical imperative of halting PFAS pollution.”

About Claros Technologies

Founded from technical research developed at the University of Minnesota, Claros Technologies is harnessing green chemistry and advanced material science to solve their global human health PFAS pollution crises.

Claros Technologies offers the first truly closed-loop PFAS contamination solution that permanently destroys ALL types of PFAS (long, short and ultrashort chain) and the greatest number of compounds compared to any other technology, is poised to be the lowest cost solution and requires minimal energy usage.

Claros Technologies is led by CEO and co-founder Michelle Bellanca, who prior to founding Claros Technologies identified, operated and scaled technologies at 3M, IBM and the Japanese Government’s Ministry of International Trade & Investment.

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