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[Funding alert] CA-based Fermat Secures $17Million in Series A Round Funding

FERMAT to enable brands to directly engage consumers effectively across all channels secures $17million in series A round funding.

FERMAT to enable brands to directly engage consumers effectively across all channels secures $17million in series A round funding.

The changes in privacy impact everything from paid social to email. Since they started the company, the e-commerce landscape has changed dramatically. Marketers have a need for tools that enable customized journeys at scale to drive effective campaigns at scale.

When they talk to marketers, everyone knows that the best consumer journey is one that is specific to the offer, hook, and channel where the consumer engages. It’s clear that the website experience for a new collection release email, vs a google search, vs a video ad on social should be different.

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However, with today’s tools, it’s simply too much work to create unique experiences for each of these cases. So marketers settle for unique copy in the ad/email and hope the website can convert the customer.

FERMAT is the first and only platform that has solved this problem at scale. Over the last year since thay have been in market, they have served over a hundred high growth brands including True Classic, Jack Archer, MindBodyGreen, U Beauty, and Nood.

FERMAT enables brands to offer seamless end-to-end shopping experiences for consumers, resulting in more efficient advertising performance. Whether a consumer engages the brand on social, email, or SMS, FERMAT uses AI and machine learning to provide a personalized journey from ad to shop to sale. As more consumers interact with that experience, it continues to improve, driving higher efficacy for the brand.

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Their mission is to provide brands with technology that enables the lightning-fast creation of high-converting, dynamic shopping experiences. Here are some of the features they launched in the last few months to enable that:

1- AI-assisted advertorial shops: enable brands to quickly spin up self hosted content that is shoppable in the article.

    2 – Shop level experimentation: quickly create multiple versions of the shop and split traffic as you desire to see which is driving the outcome you want.

    3 – Customizable analytics for FERMAT shops: get data on your consumer’s interactions with the store for every campaign natively in the tool.

    Notable to them is that they were partnering with Scott Friend at Bain Capital who led to the round. Their existing investors at Greylock, QED, and Courtside also participated, and they are grateful for how supportive they continue to be. This new capital enables them to be exceptional partners to their brand customers for many years to come.

    About Fermat

    FERMËT, With their content-native shopping platform, thay were transforming the way businesses operate by enabling brands to achieve high conversion rates and client acquisition. Their goal is to maximize the effectiveness of brands’ paid marketing initiatives. Find effective revenue streams to maximize your content adverts (with very little effort). Your brand can be integrated with FERMÀT to unleash its full potential.

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