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NYC-based Public acquired Stocktwits

Public, a provider of an investing platform acquired the TradeApp investment accounts from Stocktwits.

Public, a provider of an investing platform acquired the TradeApp investment accounts from Stocktwits.

The deal’s total value was not made public. Stocktwits will keep emphasising its community and in-the-moment conversations around cryptocurrency offers and profits. Tens of thousands of Stocktwits brokerage clients will switch to the Public investing platform when the transaction complete, becoming a part of the wider Public community.

Upon going public, Stocktwits users will have an extensive selection of investment options at their disposal. It offers stocks, ETFs, bonds, cryptocurrency, options trading (where members receive a rebate on each option transaction), and other assets like investing in royalties for artwork or music.

It provides a platform for investing that allows assembling a multi-asset portfolio quick and safe. In one location, members may invest in bonds, equities, options, cryptocurrency, and other assets. Additionally, members get access to personalised analysis and both historical and real-time fundamental data through Alpha, the AI for investors.

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Over 8 million people actively participate on Stocktwits, a social media site specifically designed for traders and investors, under the direction of Co-Founder and CEO Howard Lindzon.

The Stocktwits community and social feed will remain accessible to all users who have a brokerage account on the platform, and Stocktwits will remain a company. In accordance with the deal closure, customers will have a 30-day opportunity to protest to the transfer of their accounts to it if they do not want to. After that, the accounts will move to it.

After reviewing and accepting the terms and conditions, members who are transferring their account to Public will have access to all of their money and investments on the Public platform.

About Stocktwits

The largest trading and investment community on social media worldwide is called Stocktwits. Their goal is to provide traders and investors of all stripes and experience levels a forum to gather, learn, make money, and have fun while engaging in a global dialogue.

About, an online investment platform. Members may use a single platform to create a broad portfolio of equities, ETFs, and cryptocurrency. A community of over a million investors, producers, and analysts come together to generate information and education that is relevant to their portfolio on it when ownership is acquired.

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