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[Funding alert] CA-based Omni Secures Additional $20Million in Funding

Omni, a business intelligence platform, secures additional $20million in funding. The business also announced the addition of Lambert Billet to the board of directors.

Omni, a business intelligence platform, secures additional $20million in funding Theory Ventures.The business also announced the addition of Lambert Billet to the board of directors. Billet served as Looker’s chief revenue officer for more than ten years and grew enterprise software solutions for businesses like Oracle and HP for an additional ten years. The money will be used by it to expand its platform.

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Omni CEO and co-founder Colin Zima said, “Until now, BI tools have forced you to choose between a governed tool that provides consistent metrics or a flexible one that makes it easier for everyone to use data. You never get both without buying multiple tools, which defeats a lot of the purpose. We built Omni so you don’t have to compromise. Everyone should be able to trust and use their data,”.

Jamie Davidson, Omni co-founder and President said, “We’ve seen Lambert’s exceptional track record and ability to build and lead high-performing teams firsthand, so we know he’ll be a great addition to our board as we embark on this next phase of growth, We’re grateful for his expertise and guidance at Omni.”

Lambert Billet, Omni Board Member and Former Chief Revenue Office at Looker said, “Throughout my career, I’ve been very fortunate to work with some of the fastest-growing companies. Omni is on that trajectory. The customer growth they’ve achieved since launching is validation that they’re tackling the biggest unsolved problem in BI. After taking some time off, I couldn’t resist jumping at the chance to play a part in helping them build,”.

Global businesses like The Rounds, Ascend, Rose Rocket, and Ubaq depend on Omni to:In the first month of implementation, firms obtain up to 100% corporate acceptance by increasing data access and self-service. Lower software expenses: migrating from Looker to Omni can save businesses up to 75% Employers report an 80% decrease in questions to the data team following the implementation of it, saving technical resources.

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Kevin Weil said, “Planet provides data and analytics that are mission critical to companies and governments all over the world, so getting our own internal data right is critical, President of Planet, the leading provider of global, daily satellite imagery and geospatial solutions. “Using Omni has provided our teams with fast development tooling with an emphasis on flexibility for users to get the insights we need.”

One year after its establishment in February of last year, it started to provide its products commercially. Since then, work has been moving quickly forward to introduce additional features, such as easier data modeling and dbt integration, as well as new data delivery channels like email and Slack.

Embedded analytics, it’s second main product, was introduced late last year to help businesses incorporate data more easily. It unveiled Calculations AI last month, which inserts spreadsheet-style formulae straight into Omni tables via an LLM.

Christopher Merrick, CTO and Co-Founder at Omni said, “Our goal at Omni is to make BI better — faster, more flexible and powerful — without adding unnecessary complexity, We leaned into SQL and Excel syntax because people love and trust them. With AI, we’ve taken the same approach by marrying a natural language UI to our data model to ensure accuracy and usability. It’s simple to use and will save you a ton of time.”

About Omni

Omni creates the best business intelligence to provide reliable answers to everyone by fusing enterprise quality with startup speed and creativity. It eliminates the necessity for compromise. It strikes a compromise between the flexibility of SQL and the consistency of a shared data model, allowing you to concentrate on using data to drive business impact and address your most pressing problems.

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