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[Funding alert] CA-based Patlytics Secures $4.5Million in Seed Funding

Patlytics, a provider of an AI-powered patent workflow platform secures $4.5million in seed funding led by Gradient, Google’s AI-focused venture fund.

Patlytics, a provider of an AI-powered patent workflow platform secures $4.5million in seed funding led by Gradient, Google’s AI-focused venture fund.

This investment, alongside the backing from notable funds such as 8VC, Liquid 2 Ventures, Tribe Capital, Vermilion Ventures, Gaingels, Alumni Ventures, Position Ventures, and influential angel investors including premier law firm partners and Datadog President Amit Agarwal, propels us closer to their vision of redefining the patent workflow for corporations and law firms globally.

The conception of Patlytics was born out of a simple observation: the patent process is pivotal yet painstakingly complex and inefficient. In my previous life as a venture capitalist interacting with some IP-heavy portfolio companies, I saw a recurring theme – the untapped potential in the IP space and the critical need for innovation.

The AI revolution has been reshaping industries across the board, yet patent intelligence seemed to lag behind, ensnared in traditional, labor-intensive methods.

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At Patlytics, they believe in the power of generative AI to not only streamline but fundamentally transform patent workflows – from prosecution and litigation support to evaluation and competitive intelligence.

Their platform is designed not to replace, but to empower patent professionals by automating key aspects of their workflow, enabling them to focus on strategy and high-level work.

The endorsement from Gradient and their other esteemed investors is a testament to the potential of Patlytics to lead a seismic shift in intellectual property management. Gradient’s Darian Shirazi remarked on the critical role of protecting intellectual property in today’s fast-paced innovation environment and the unique position of Patlytics in leveraging AI to meet this need.

Arthur Jen, my co-founder and CTO, and I have experienced firsthand the challenges and intricacies of the patent process. They are committed to making Patlytics an indispensable ally for patent professionals, enhancing efficiency and providing transformative insights into the patent lifecycle.

‍With this funding, they are poised to aggressively innovate and expand their offerings. Patlytics is not just a tool; it’s a movement towards a smarter, more efficient patent ecosystem. They are working with partners ranging from Fortune 500 in-house counsels to top IP law firms to refine and evolve their platform.

As they embark on this next phase, I want to express my profound gratitude to their team, their partners, and their early adopters for believing in their vision. Your support and feedback have been instrumental in reaching this milestone.

About Patlytics

Patlytics is the premier collection of AI-driven patent process products that addresses every stage of the patent lifecycle. To navigate the complexity of international intellectual property, make use of the power of IP intelligence, insights, and diverse data sources on a single platform.

Boost the effectiveness of your patent workflow, keep up with competitors with competitive landscape scans, and safeguard your IP portfolio with real-time reports and warnings. all the way from drafting and prosecuting to being ready for court.

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