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[Funding alert] CA-based OurSky Secures $9.5M in Seed Funding

[Funding alert] CA-based OurSky Secures $9.5M in Seed Funding

CA-based OurSky Secures $9.5M in Seed Funding. Together with Oceans Ventures, Marlinspike Partners, and Embedded Ventures, Upfront Ventures and Venrex Investment Management led the round.

The funds will be utilised by the business for both its operations and growth initiatives. co-founded by Alex Hawkinson, the previous founder of SmartThings, and CEO Dan Roelker, the former vice president of software engineering at SpaceX.

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OurSky’s software platform and worldwide collection of telescopes enable real-time observational data and analysis of objects and activities in space.

In addition to offering the platform, OurSky actively contributes innovations to the open source astronomy communities in order to encourage creativity and make accessible for people all around the world to support new applications and discoveries.

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Additionally, it recently announced a free integration with the open-source astrophotography tool NINA, enabling the more than 50,000 users of NINA to sign up for OurSky and get real-time image processing.

About OurSky

A contemporary and open development platform for space data applications is called OurSky. OurSky’s open APIs and platform bring up new possibilities for easy access to space observational information, real-time tracking of objects in orbit, and faster application development.

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