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[Funding alert] Ladder Secures $12 Mn in Series A Round led by Tapestry VC and LivWell Ventures

Ladder, a fitness app dedicated to providing the world’s best strength training plan, has secured $12 million Series A funding to Demystify Strength Training and Accelerate Growth, led by Tapestry VC and LivWell Ventures.

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“Ladder members know exactly what workout to do each day based on their goals and preferred training styles,” says CEO Greg Stewart. “The experience is built on the core tenets of personal training…high-quality workout programming designed by an expert so you don’t have to think, coaching that provides guidance and answers to your questions, and accountability that’s delivered through shared experiences with other members from around the world doing the same workouts as you.”

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“Every feature of the Ladder app has been created to help members stay consistent. We want our members to be excited to work out,” says Stewart. “We use gamification elements like badges and streaks to make it fun, and features that remind you that your effort is yielding results, most notably the Ladder Journal which makes it easy to track and visualize your progress.” Members have logged nearly 20 million entries in the Ladder Journal since the feature launched in January of this year.

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About Ladder

Ladder is a fitness-app dedicated to providing the world’s best strength-training-plan from the world’s best coaches, every single day. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Ladder is a strength-training-app for people who are serious about fitness. Ladder makes it easy to plan and maintain a consistent strength training routine, by giving you a plan for each day. With Ladder, workouts are new each week and designed by an expert strength coach, with each Ladder coach focused on a specific strength-training style, such as pilates, HIIT, bodybuilding, and kettlebell training.

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