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Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA

Crowdfunding platforms offer project creators a virtual venue to exhibit their ideas, goods, or projects to a worldwide audience. These platforms allow artists to set financing targets and describe the purpose and possible effect of their projects.

What are crowdfunding platforms?

Crowdfunding platforms offer project creators a virtual venue to exhibit their ideas, goods, or projects to a worldwide audience. These platforms allow artists to set financing targets and describe the purpose and possible effect of their projects.

Backers, on the other hand, look through initiatives and choose to financially support those that speak to them. They can donate any amount, and depending on the crowdfunding model, they may earn incentives, stock in a firm, loan interest, or simply the joy of knowing they are helping a good cause.

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Crowdfunding has democratized money access by allowing entrepreneurs, artists, and social activists to circumvent established financial institutions and seek investment from the crowd directly. This method has spurred innovation, creativity, and social impact, allowing for the funding of specialized or unorthodox enterprises.

While it has numerous benefits, it also has hazards because not all initiatives fulfill their financing targets and there is no assurance of success. To create a pleasant crowdfunding experience, both authors and backers must exercise due diligence and openness.

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Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA


Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA /Kickstarter

Yancey Strickler, Perry Chen, and Charles Adler launched the crowdsourcing website Kickstarter in 2009. It enables the public to sponsor creative ventures. People can donate money to a project on Kickstarter to help it accomplish its funding goal. If the project fails to meet its funding target, all pledges are refunded to backers.

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Kickstarter projects include a wide range of topics, including technology, music, gaming, film & video, art, design, cuisine, and publishing. Since its inception, the firm has helped fund over 150,000 projects and raised over $4.2 billion from over 17 million supporters. To foster innovation and cooperation, Kickstarter collaborates with organizations such as Creative Commons and the Sundance Institute. The company’s goal is to empower individuals.


Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA /GoFundMe

GoFundMe is a global crowdfunding website that enables people and organizations to gather funds for charitable causes. Since its inception in 2010, the organization has raised more than $10 billion from more than 120 million donations from people all across the world.

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GoFundMe makes it simple to create an online fundraiser, share it on social media, and have friends and family give to your cause. It also includes charitable giving options, allowing donors to see how their donations are used. GoFundMe also provides a package of goods and services, such as specialized customer assistance and fraud prevention, to ensure that all monies raised reach their intended destination.


Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA /Indiegogo

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding website that allows entrepreneurs, creatives, and organizations to fundraise for their projects. Since its inception in 2008, the firm has grown to become one of the world’s largest crowdfunding platforms. Users on Indiegogo may begin campaigns to support projects based on new business ideas, artistic concepts, and other ideas.

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It provides its customers with a variety of services and resources, including analytics and marketing tools, various campaign financing choices, advice on how to conduct successful campaigns, and even free coaching sessions. The portal also provides international campaigns, allowing individuals all around the world to raise funds for their initiatives. Indiegogo attempts to provide its customers with the assistance they require to make their projects a success. It gives users access through its global network of partners.


Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA /Crowdrise

CrowdRise was acquired in 2017 by GoFundMe. Crowdrise is a renowned fundraising and charity-giving platform. Crowdrise, which was founded in 2012, has grown to become one of the world’s most successful social-good platforms. The firm provides simple technology that allows people and teams to generate funds for any cause, from personal campaigns to charitable organizations.

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Crowdrise’s creative solutions assist individuals in raising funds for their favorite charity and making a difference. Users can build and customize their campaigns, set contribution targets, and share their experiences with friends and family using Crowdrise’s sophisticated fundraising tool. Users may also utilize the site to organize team fundraising activities, facilitate peer-to-peer fundraising, and take credit card or PayPal payments.


Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA /Fundly

Fundly is a global crowdsourcing and fundraising platform that offers tools to assist people and organizations in reaching their financial objectives. Since its inception in 2011, Fundly has assisted over 500,000 campaigns in raising over $1 billion in donations. Fundly’s platform is simple to use, allowing users to establish campaigns in minutes, customize contribution sites with photographs, videos, and stories, share campaigns on social media, and follow real-time progress.

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Fundly, in addition to donations, provides supporter prizes to promote greater donations and paid advertising choices to boost campaign awareness. Fundly empowers its users to take charge of their fundraising efforts and has been recognized for its dedication to assisting ordinary people in reaching their goals. Fundly is dedicated to offering great customer service and has achieved this goal.


Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA /Kiva

Kiva is a non-profit organization that aims to increase financial access to assist neglected communities to prosper. Kiva, founded in 2005, allows individuals all around the globe to lend as little as $25 on their website or mobile app to help others create possibilities. Kiva has handled over $1.5 billion in loans to borrowers in over 90 countries to date.

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Kiva collaborates with almost 3,000 organizations worldwide that assist marginalized groups that do not have access to standard banking services. Microfinance institutions, schools, and faith-based organizations are among the field partners. They receive loan applications, review borrower profiles, and publish them on Kiva.org.


Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA /Patreon

Patreon is a website that allows creators to monetize their work by allowing fans and patrons to make monthly donations. Since its inception in 2013, the firm has swiftly expanded to become one of the most popular online platforms for content producers to earn a living.

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Patreon allows authors to create a subscription-based service for their followers or patrons in exchange for exclusive access to premium content and other perks. Patreon takes a portion of each donation as a commission, which creators may use to pay for equipment, software, travel, and other expenses. Patreon also allows them to engage their supporters in an active community where they can connect, exchange thoughts and tales, and form long-term relationships.


Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA /Crowdfunder

Crowdfunding is a startup that uses crowdsourcing to drive the success of entrepreneurs. It allows startups, small enterprises, and NGOs to generate funds online, generally through direct donations or incentive-based campaigns. Crowdfunder assists in the creation of compelling tales and uses the power of the crowd to reach a large number of people.

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Its platform includes an online marketplace as well as fundraising tools to assist campaigns in succeeding. Analytics, goal-setting features, bespoke design, and an easy-to-use editor are among the tools available. Crowdfunder’s versatility makes it appropriate for every type of campaign, from product launches to charity fundraising. Entrepreneurs may use Crowdfunder to receive the cash they need to bring their ideas and initiatives to reality. Furthermore, the firm offers support services such as campaign and marketing guidance, as well as access to investors.


Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA /CauseVox

CauseVox is a crowdfunding tool that assists people in raising funds for causes that are important to them. Since its inception in 2013, the firm has evolved to assist hundreds of NGOs and individual fundraisers worldwide. Users may utilize its platform to construct compelling fundraising campaigns that are tailored to their causes. Users can simply manage donations and track progress with reporting features like donor analytics, donation maps, and more with CauseVox.

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They also get access to useful tools such as best practices for fundraising, instructive films, and experienced customer success reps. CauseVox is committed to assisting nonprofit organizations and people in increasing participation, raising more funds, and making a difference in the world.


Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms in USA /Plumfund

Plumfund is a crowdfunding website where people and organizations may gather funds for certain causes or initiatives. It was created in 2011 and is currently one of the world’s major crowdfunding sites. People may easily establish their personalized fundraising page with Plumfund and immediately share it with friends and family via social media or email.

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Donors may make safe donations via credit card or PayPal on the site, and the monies are delivered directly to the project organizer. Plumfund is a simple and efficient approach to raising funds for any cause. The platform includes several tools to assist people and organizations in planning, launching, and managing campaigns.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the top 10 best crowdfunding platforms in USA ?

Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, Crowdrise, Fundly, Kiva, Patreon, Crowdfunder, CauseVox, Plumfund, these are top 10 best crowdfunding platforms in USA.

When Kickstarter was founded?

Kickstarter was founded in 2009.

When & by whom Crowdride was acquired?

CrowdRise was acquired in 2017 by GoFundMe.

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