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Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA

Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA

What are ed-tech startups?

EdTech startups, also known as Education Technology startups, are businesses that use technology to innovate and enhance many elements of education. They provide a wide range of digital solutions and platforms aimed at improving learning experiences, providing access to educational materials, and adapting instructional techniques.

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These firms may include, among other things, online learning platforms, interactive e-learning software, virtual classrooms, and educational applications. Their major goal is to change traditional education by incorporating cutting-edge technology and digital tools to make it more interesting, accessible, and personalized to individual requirements.

Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Coursera

Established in 2012 by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller in Mountain View, California, Coursera is a renowned EdTech platform. It collaborates with top institutions globally to offer a diverse range of online courses, specializations, and degree programs, aiming to make education accessible.

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The platform’s intuitive interface and commitment to lifelong learning make it an invaluable resource for those seeking skill development, career progression, or formal degrees from the convenience of their homes.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /edX

Launched in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT, edX has emerged as a leading EdTech platform with a worldwide impact. The platform seeks to improve learning outcomes by providing online courses and degree programs from prestigious institutions globally.

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EdX stands out for its interactive features, including quizzes, assignments, and discussion forums, fostering an engaging learning atmosphere. Learners can pursue recognized credentials and complete entire degrees online, contributing to the platform’s mission of expanding access to high-quality education and reshaping the global EdTech landscape.

Khan Academy

Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Khan Academy

Founded in 2008 by Salman Khan, Khan Academy, a non-profit EdTech organization, focuses on delivering free, world-class education for K-12 students. Boasting a vast library of instructional videos and resources spanning subjects from mathematics to humanities, Khan Academy redefines personalized learning.

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Its innovative approach enables students to advance at their own pace, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of concepts. Teachers, students, and learners of all ages utilize the platform to complement traditional education, prepare for exams, and explore diverse knowledge areas.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Udacity

Founded in 2012 by Sebastian Thrun, Mike Sokolsky, and David Stavens, Udacity focuses on educating students for careers in technology. The platform offers nano degree programs in collaboration with leading technology companies, providing hands-on experience and practical skills in areas such as artificial intelligence and data science.

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Udacity’s commitment to skill development and employability positions it as a significant resource for those entering or advancing in the competitive tech industry. The platform’s self-paced learning, mentor support, and real-world projects ensure that students acquire relevant skills aligned with industry needs. Udacity’s partnerships with industry leaders and dedication to bridging the skills gap contribute to its popularity among students aspiring to succeed in the ever-evolving tech job market.

LinkedIn Learning

Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /LinkedIn Learning

Established in 2003 by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, and Jean-Luc Vaillant, LinkedIn Learning is a renowned EdTech platform leveraging LinkedIn’s expansive professional network. Concentrating on professional development, it provides a diverse range of courses spanning leadership, business, technology, and creative skills.

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The platform facilitates seamless career advancement, allowing users to enhance their professional capabilities. Integration with LinkedIn profiles enables easy display of completed courses and certificates, boosting users’ marketability. LinkedIn Learning proves indispensable for professionals and job seekers navigating a dynamic job market, delivering the requisite skills for sustained career growth.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Chegg

Founded in 2005 by Aayush Phumbhra, Osman Rashid, Josh Carlson, and Mike Seager, Chegg has emerged as a significant EdTech platform, particularly supportive of higher education. Offering services such as textbook rentals, online tutoring, and study materials, Chegg provides college students with affordable access to an extensive array of educational resources.

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The platform’s Chegg Study feature delivers step-by-step solutions to homework problems and access to subject matter experts, revolutionizing how students access educational resources and assistance. Chegg’s commitment to student success and its comprehensive suite of services positions it as an invaluable asset for college students striving for academic excellence.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Skillshare

Launched in 2010 by Michael Karnjanaprakorn, Malcolm Ong, and Matt Cooper, Skillshare is a free online learning community offering a multitude of courses in creative and business domains. It provides experts and professionals with a platform to create and share courses covering graphic design, photography, writing, and marketing.

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Skillshare’s project-based learning model encourages users to apply acquired skills, fostering creativity and empowering individuals to develop skills applicable for personal growth or professional success. Skillshare’s flexibility and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice for those aiming to explore creative pursuits or acquire practical skills in various fields.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Kahoot

Founded in 2013 by Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker, Morten Versvik, and Asmund Furuseth, Kahoot! is an interactive learning platform designed to infuse enjoyment and engagement into education. Users can generate and participate in learning games, quizzes, and surveys suitable for classrooms, corporate training, and self-directed learning. Kahoot!’s success stems from its ability to gamify learning, allowing students to compete individually or collaboratively, enhancing information retention.

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Educators and trainers appreciate Kahoot! for its efficacy in stimulating participation and evaluating learning outcomes. With a substantial user base, Kahoot! has gained popularity in educational settings due to its inventive approach to learning, making education more interactive and competitive.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /2U

Originating in 2008, 2U was established by Christopher “Chip” Paucek and John Katzman. This EdTech firm collaborates with institutions to deliver online degree programs and short courses. Headquartered in Lanham, Maryland, 2U is dedicated to making high-quality education accessible on a global scale.

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The company provides a comprehensive platform supporting the development, delivery, and support of digital courses, contributing to a digital revolution in higher education. By partnering with reputable schools, 2U offers a diverse range of degree programs and professional development opportunities, utilizing technology to enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of higher education.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Brainly

Founded in 2009 by Michał Borkowski, Tomasz Kraus, and Łukasz Haluch, Brainly is a worldwide peer-to-peer learning platform where students can pose questions and receive answers from peers or subject matter experts. Promoting collaborative learning, Brainly includes a mobile app for easy access.

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With gamification elements fostering active engagement, Brainly serves as a valuable tool for students seeking academic support and cultivating a sense of community-driven learning. Brainly’s inventive approach has positioned it as a helpful resource for students navigating various academic subjects.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Knewton

Established in 2008 by Jose Ferreira, Knewton is an innovative EdTech company specializing in adaptive learning technologies. With its headquarters in New York City, Knewton personalizes educational content for students, enhancing engagement and effectiveness. The adaptive learning platform continually analyzes and adjusts to a student’s learning habits, offering a tailored learning experience.

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Particularly beneficial in K-12 and higher education settings, where individualized instruction significantly improves learning outcomes, Knewton’s technology contributes to transforming traditional education, making learning more efficient and personalized.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /ClassDojo

Founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo is an educational technology platform fostering healthy classroom cultures and communication among instructors, students, and parents. The platform, headquartered in San Francisco, offers classroom management features, allowing teachers to provide feedback and encouragement for students’ performance and conduct.

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ClassDojo facilitates communication between teachers and parents, providing updates on a child’s progress. The platform has evolved into a valuable resource for building supportive and engaging learning environments beyond the classroom, enhancing the educational experiences of both educators and students.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Declara

Founded by Ramona Pierson in 2012, Declara is a corporation providing personalized learning and professional development solutions through educational technology. Based in Palo Alto, California, Declara utilizes machine learning and data analytics to create personalized learning experiences, optimizing knowledge acquisition and skill development.

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The platform offers services such as content curation, social collaboration, and real-time feedback, catering to educators, students, and professionals seeking continuous learning and progress. Declara’s use of technology and data-driven insights helps individuals adapt and thrive in an ever-changing educational and professional landscape.

Course Hero

Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Course Hero

Established in 2006 by Andrew Grauer, Gregor Carrigan, and Jarret Dyrbye, Course Hero is a well-known online learning platform offering a comprehensive library of educational resources, including study materials, lecture notes, and practice examinations. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Course Hero caters to students, instructors, and lifelong learners, providing easy access to a wide range of academic information.

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The platform allows users to upload and share their study materials, transforming it into a collaborative learning platform. Course Hero’s commitment to making education more accessible and enjoyable has contributed to its popularity among users at various educational levels.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Panorama

Founded in 2012 by Aaron Feuer, Xan Tanner, and David Carel, Panorama is an EdTech platform focused on utilizing data to enhance education. The company, based in Boston, provides K-12 schools with tools for collecting and analyzing data on student performance, well-being, and feedback.

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Panorama’s product portfolio assists schools in making informed decisions to improve the overall educational experience. The platform empowers administrators and educators to identify areas for improvement and implement targeted responses, aiming to enhance student outcomes and create more effective learning environments through data-driven insights.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /Newsela

Established in 2013 by Matthew Gross and Dan Cogan-Drew, Newsela is an educational technology platform aiming to improve literacy and learning outcomes. Headquartered in New York City, Newsela offers a vast library of articles and texts tailored to different reading levels.

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The platform includes interactive quizzes, writing prompts, and other materials to help students enhance their understanding and critical thinking skills. Teachers can use Newsela to engage students with current and relevant information while supporting their individual reading abilities. Newsela is widely used in K-12 schools to boost literacy and assist students in comprehending complex topics.


Top 20 Best EdTech Startups in the USA /VIPKid

Founded in 2013 by Cindy Mi, VIPKid is a leading online education platform specializing in teaching English to Chinese students. The platform, headquartered in Beijing, matches a global community of instructors with Chinese children aged 4 to 16 for one-on-one English education.

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VIPKid provides a highly engaging and immersive learning experience using a unique curriculum and virtual classroom technology. Not only has the platform offered a valuable educational service, but it has also created career opportunities for English teachers worldwide.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the top 20 best EdTech startups in the USA?

Coursera, edX, Khan Academy, Udacity, LinkedIn Learning, Chegg, Skillshare, Kahoot, 2U, Brainly, Knewton, ClassDojo, Declara, Course Hero, Panorama, Newsela, VIPKid, these are top 20 best EdTech startups in the USA.

When VIPKid was founded?

VIPKid was founded in 2013.

Who is the founder of Newsela?

Newsela was founded by Matthew Gross and Dan Cogan-Drew.

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